In football, as with every youth sport, parents play an important role. Using videos as a parent can help you encourage your athlete to move to the next level of play. Below are some ways to help you use videos of games to help your child in football.

First, when you use video, you are able to accurately see the strengths and weaknesses of the players, reducing any bias. This will allow you to pinpoint how each player can improve their game after the emotions have worn off.

Second, videos can help parents see things from the coach’s viewpoint. This works best when coaches add comments to the videos. Parents will be able to see what their player needs to improve their game while listening to commentary from the coach.

Videos are a great way for parents to instill positive reinforcement. If the coach is critical or encouraging of the player, parents can help reinforce what the coaches saying to help avoid sending athletes conflicting messages.

Watching a game video can also help parents celebrate the successes of their player. Game highlights can be shared with friends and family, boosting the self-esteem of the player as you celebrate their victories.

Videos are also a wonderful way for parents and other family members to watch a game they missed. It means a lot to a player when someone they love takes interest in what they do on the field and off. If the game is uploaded online, you can watch the action anytime, anywhere from a computer or another mobile device.

If your child’s team currently does not have a videographer for football games, step up and volunteer. Your participation can help your child thrive, and the videos can help not only your child, but the entire team grow exponentially. You may be impressed with how much improvement can come from a simple video.

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