Every mom worries about that day when her baby boy comes home from school and screams with shouts of joy and excitement, “Mom!!! I want to play football!!!” You know you should be excited for your child’s enthusiasm, but what’s continually going through your head is the same worry countless other moms and dads across the country have… Will my child be safe from concussions if they play football and what can I do to prevent it? 

Well here are some of the basic tips to help you prevent concussions while your kid plays football. One of the most important details for concussion prevention is using the proper equipment. Each child should have pads, proper shoes, and helmets accessible to them for each practice and game. Not only is having the proper equipment super important, but you want to make sure your kid is actually wearing it every practice. I mean, their helmet may look good hanging on that https://www.strongholdfence.com/ lining the field, but let’s get real, we want that helmet on our kids head, keeping them safe and concussions free.  Next, it’s important to have your kid incorporate some neck-strengthening exercises into their training as this can keep them more limber and better equipped to take those hard hits. 

We now know that our kid is protected and they’ve been strength training, but what about the field that they are going to be playing on? How do you know that there isn’t any safety hazards there? You can certainly take precautions to ensure your child’s safety that go beyond the basic uniform, pad, and helmet.  First of all it’s important to examine the field your child will be playing on. Take a look at the field and see if there is any uneven spots or holes that may lead to a potential accident during practice or a game. Next, you’ll want to ensure that all side posts are padded properly for impact. This can also alleviate the potential for harmful concussions. Now it’s possible you won’t have the authority to do these things at every field that your child plays on, but always keep in mind that you are your child’s biggest advocate and it’s up to you to point out any potential safety hazards concerning your child. If you see something that appears unsafe, and it’s out of your control to correct, find someone that can correct it. It’s better to be overzealous than to have an injured kid on the field. 

The final tip to help prevent concussions is to discourage aggression in practice and on the field. Now I know you’re probably thinking this is a mass contradiction. How can you play football without being aggressive? First, let me tell you what I’m not saying. I’m not saying don’t play hard. I’m saying don’t be aggressive. No hard hits, no underhanded hits, make sure that kids and coaches are encouraging fair play. This and all the other steps can help protect your child while playing football. 

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